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Education for Reconciliation resources

On Track (CDU, doctor 2005) provides education teachers with teaching and learning materials and activities on conflict, health reconciliation and peace building based on a human rights approach.  The handbook is designed to meet the requirements of CSPE and Local and Global Citizenship at Key Stage 3.  It aims to help students recognise that difference does not have to lead to conflict, viagra to develop the ability to listen, empathise, analyse the roots of conflict, find solutions and  take action to enable people to live together in a just and equitable society.  The resource looks at these themes on individual, community and global levels and includes ideas and guidance on action projects. The resource includes a DVD produced by pupils of St Mary’s High School, Lurgan, which explores perceptions of difference and similarity.

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Policing Matters (CDU, 2008) provides teachers with a module for introducing pupils to the concept of law and the role of the PSNI and An Garda Síochána, locally and on a cross border level.  The module consists of nine lessons which use a variety of active learning methodologies to take students through the concepts and practice of policing.  It is recommended that the work lead on to an action project involving either a local or cross-border visit to a PSNI/Garda station, or in a visit by a PSNI officer/ Garda to the school, and guidelines on organising this are provided. The resource includes a DVD with an interactive quiz on young people and the law, and a PowerPoint presentation of what happens when young people are arrested.

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Download CD content here

Police History (Powerpoint file)

Interactive Quiz ROI version (Powerpoint file)

Interactive Quiz NI version (Powerpoint file)

Young Offenders Presentation (Powerpoint file)


Log onto Dialogue (CDU, 2008) is an interactive module on conflict and conflict resolution. It is designed to encourage students/pupils to become aware of conflict in their lives and to get them involved in discussions on conflict and positive ways of dealing with it so as to achieve reconciliation.  An integral part of the resource is an interactive cartoon style DVD which allows students to explore four conflict scenarios and meet the characters involved in them.

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Download CD content here

Scenario 1 Conflict on the Street(Flash file)

Scenario 2 Conflict on the Street (Flash file)

Scenario 3 Conflict on the Street (Flash file)

Scenario 4 War/Conflict (Flash file)



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